About Us

Anagram Partners comprises a team of motivated, commercially adept and technically abled lawyers who deliver exceptional legal services with meticulous attention to detail. Our firm is committed to being at the forefront of legal developments by constantly seeking out knowledge and staying ahead of the curve.

We take a ‘one-firm’ approach to every client matter, providing access to all partners and their expertise. Our team of entrepreneurial and industrious lawyers is skilled at navigating complex fact patterns and resolving intricate legal issues. We pride ourselves on simplifying solutions to best serve our clients’ needs.

At Anagram Partners, we believe that a positive work culture is crucial to the success of our firm and the satisfaction of our clients. Our priority is diversity and inclusivity, with a healthy gender ratio and flexible work policies to support our team’s diverse needs. We foster an open and collaborative environment that values varied opinions.

Guided by True North

Our Approach
At Anagram Partners, we take a 'one-firm' approach to every client matter. We are dedicated to delivering legal services focused on client satisfaction. Our team embodies the traditional values of hard work and determination while also incorporating innovative and pragmatic insights into the operational aspects of businesses. We are committed to prioritising intellectual curiosity, hard work, and integrity, which ensure that our clients can rely on us to be their trusted advisors through important matters.
Our Culture
We cultivate a culture that is focused on expanding and enhancing knowledge, encouraging varied opinions, and honing independent thinking. Our team is dedicated to upgrading and optimizing work systems for our lawyers to ensure high levels of productivity. Our progressive work culture is reflected in our healthy gender ratio, commitment to diversity, implementation of technological solutions to enhance productivity, and flexible work policies to improve deliverables.
We simply focus on delivering with excellence, no matter the odds.