Internet, Communications & Entertainment

What We Do

Our firm prides itself with a distinguished presence in the media, and telecommunications sector. Our clients, who are global industry leaders, rely on our ability to strategize and offer innovative solutions when it comes to matters such as broadcasting contracts, sports broadcast bids, technology licensing arrangements,  intermediary liability television distribution agreements, ad-tech integrations, content regulation and, marketing strategies,

Our client base includes leading social media platforms, OTT platforms, satellite television companies, broadcasting companies (GEC, sports, news television/platforms), as well as SROs and industrial bodies. Our legal advice covers a wide range of matters and is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

As a team of expert lawyers, we specialize in providing guidance on regulatory compliance and advising our clients on key M&A and strategic partnerships. We consider the various regulations that apply to this sector in India while assisting with structuring foreign investments. Moreover, we keep our clients informed on important policy papers, draft laws, and other industry initiatives involving the broadcasting market.