Internet & Technology

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Our Expertise

At Anagram Partners, we understand that new age businesses require a deep understanding of the technology space. Our lawyers work closely with technology focused and tech-enabled businesses to assess data flows and tailor our advice to go beyond legal expertise by adding color from a commercial perspective. We advise both domestic and cross-border businesses on all aspects of data privacy, cyber security, technology contracts, compliance, intermediary liability, licensing, content regulation, consumer protection, end user etc.

Our Approach

Our approach to technology law is rooted in proactive risk management, strategic counsel, and a commitment to delivering practical solutions. We prioritize understanding our clients’ unique business models, technological innovations, and industry challenges to provide holistic legal support that aligns with their commercial objectives. By combining legal expertise with commercial insight, we empower our clients to thrive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape while mitigating legal risks and seizing growth opportunities.