Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

What We Do

Anagram Partners is committed to the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector, recognizing its importance to both Indian and foreign investors. Our client base is diverse, ranging from pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to digital health platforms and medical device companies.

We provide thoughtful and informed legal advice to our clients in this sector. Our track record of advising clients on crucial issues such as data privacy, compliance, and waste management is unparalleled. Our lawyers possess the expertise to analyze hospital ownership, hospital management contracts, medical diagnostics businesses, and provide guidance on the establishment of online healthcare and medical diagnostics platforms. We are adept at navigating the regulatory landscape and understand the intricate interplay between offline models and online platforms.

Moreover, we have a wealth of experience in advising clients on strategic investments in the active pharmaceutical ingredients segment. Our in-depth understanding of this area enables us to offer insightful guidance to our clients on various legal and regulatory issues. As a result, our clients benefit from our assertive and meticulous approach, which is tailored to their specific needs.