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Our Expertise

Our team at Anagram Partners specialize in guiding our clients through regulatory challenges. We understand that regulated sectors, such as financial services, securities market, insurance intermediaries, etc. are ever-evolving and require a deep understanding of the applicable regulatory frameworks. We ensure our clients receive the best compliance frameworks and risk mitigation measures that address their unique needs. Our comprehensive services include registration and compliance advice, and our expertise in market conduct rules enables us to provide valuable guidance to entities operating in the securities and commodities markets. Our team also has extensive knowledge of governance and risk management practices, which helps us offer strategic insights to our clients.

At Anagram Partners, we provide legal counsel to a range of entities, including mutual funds, foreign portfolio investors, alternate investment funds, investment banks, and securities’ broking platforms. Our team also keeps abreast of the latest regulatory developments, which enables us to offer strategic advice to help clients deal with current and potential regulatory shifts.

Our Approach

With regulatory reforms happening across industries and sectors globally, our team stays informed of these changes to ensure that our clients receive the most relevant and tailored advice. We have specialized knowledge in credit regulations, including capital adequacy rules, asset liability norms, collateral parameters, and risk and governance measures. Our expertise also extends to non-banking financial services, small finance banks, payment banks, and home finance, each of which presents unique challenges. As a team, we are equipped to understand the mindset of regulators and provide tailored advice to help clients navigate through regulatory complexities.