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Our Expertise

We bring our expertise to bear on a wide range of issues, such as joint venture-shareholder disputes, boardroom conflicts, indemnity claims, corporate governance issues, contractual performance and enforcement, financial disputes, regulatory challenges, insolvency, and product liability claims. Our approach is anchored in a recognition that litigation should be considered as the last resort, even as we appreciate its necessity in dispute resolution. We are aware that each dispute requires a nuanced and strategic approach, and we endeavor to tailor our litigation strategies to align with our clients’ objectives and risk appetite.

Our Approach

At Anagram Partners, we pride ourselves on crafting superior legal strategies that are informed by a rigorous problem-solving approach. We begin by defining the problem statement, identifying potential pain points for both our clients and their adversaries, and anticipating obstacles. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, all united by a shared commitment to hard work, ethics, and confidentiality.

We place a premium on close collaboration between our offices, leveraging our extensive professional network across different cities, and using cutting-edge technological resources. This includes the use of AI technology for managing information and reviewing documents in a time-effective manner. Our robust approach to dispute resolution is underpinned by a commitment to excellence, professionalism, and integrity.