Information Technology Enabled Services & Infrastructure

What We Do

Our team at Anagram Partners has experience dealing with technology players spanning across various industries and sectors. We not only appreciate the nuances of technology laws, but also understand the business needs of our clients. Our team of technology lawyers focuses on identifying the finer subtleties of regulatory roadblocks that often plague innovation. Some of the key industries that we cater to include players in the e-commerce, financial services, insurance, healthcare, education, automation, and advertising sector.

Drawing on our comprehensive understanding of technology and data laws, we advise a spectrum of business organizations ranging from both domestic and offshore startups to established organizations operating in the field of machine learning, intelligent automation, cryptocurrency, blockchain, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Our expertise empowers our clients to navigate complex legal landscapes, particularly to employ their foresight in sectors where there remains a regulatory vacuum. Our team prioritizes understanding the technology systems deployed or offered by our clients and their competitors to explore the intricate intersection between their offering and regulatory frameworks to deliver commercial solutions to clients.